Privacy Statement

This privacy statement was updated on 4th October 2023

This Privacy Statement applies to information contained within and collected in the supply of Osprey Approach and associated connectors, add ins, mobile applications and any other media used to access Osprey Approach.

What personal information do we collect?

Through the supply of Osprey Approach Pracctice Limited may collect personal information in order to conduct our business, to provide and market our services in line with GDPR regulations and meet our legal obligations. We may hold the following types of information.  This list is not exhaustive.

-Customers and their employees, business associates and third parties in relation to customers and business associates

-Suppliers and their employees

Personal information is likely to include names, addresses, email addresses and contact telephone numbers, occupations and professions and other information.

In order for Pracctice Limited to supply its services to its customers our customers must provide personal information.  If the personal information we request is not provided, we may not be able to supply the relevant product or service.

Pracctice Limited will always use its best endeavours to advise an individual of the impact of not providing the requested information.

Pracctice Limited will not share, sell or divulge your personal information to any third parties without receiving your specific consent.

In accordance with GDPR Pracctice Limited will provide access to any information it holds about an individual upon receipt of a data request.  Data requests should be sent to  Pracctice Limited reserves the right to refuse a data request where the identity of the individual making the request cannot be verifies or where legal privilege exists or where Pracctice Limited’s rights may be prejudiced.

Pracctice Limited will ensure that all personal information remains within the EEA (European Economic Area) with the exception of where customers access the data outside of the EEA.

Pracctice Limited will take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information and to prevent its misuse, loss or unauthorised access, disclosure or modification.

Using Osprey Approach (your service)

In order for Pracctice Limited to provide you with the Osprey Approach service Pracctice Limited will collect personal information.  The personal information will be used to:

-Verify your identify

-Notify you of new or changes to the services offered in relation to our software products

-Provide you with training services

-Provide you with support and technical diagnosis or issues relating to the software

-Provide you with implementation services

-Comply with law and regulation is applicable jurisdictions

-Communicate with you

By using the Service, you consent to your personal information being collected, held and used in this way and for other appropriate use to enable Pracctice Limited to supply the service to you and any other use you authorise. Pracctice Limited will not use your personal information any other reason without your permission.

Pracctice Limited do not manage your user accounts, access templates, access levels or passwords.  It is your responsibility to keep your password to the software safe. It is your responsibility to deactivate users that are no longer required for whatever reason.  It is your responsibility to ensure users have appropriate access templates assigned ensuring that they can access the parts of the software necessary for conducting their tasks.  It is your responsibility to ensure that access levels are increased or decreased based on the roles of your users.  Whilst Pracctice Limited can provided support services in relation to this the responsibility lays entirely with you.

Should you believe your password is being misused or your account in being accessed by someone else we would recommend that you change your password immediately and notify your Data Protection Officer or authorised officer.  Pracctice Limited will assist your Data Protection Officer or authorised officer with their investigations.

By using the software through various internet browsers, mobile apps, connectors and add ins, you agree that Pracctice Limited can collect non-personally identifiable data to allow us to monitor and report upon use.  This data will in no way identify you or any other individual.

Your access to your data

You can access your data from any device with an Internet connection.  Please note you are responsible for configuring your users access templates, deactivating users that have left your employment, managing passwords lengths and security permissions.  Pracctice Limited do not participate in the management of any of these areas.

You have access to a weekly backup of your data which can be downloaded from a secure FTP site.  Please contact our support team ( for instruction and your access credentials and encryptions key.

Data retention

Pracctice Limited will only process your data for as long as we have a valid agreement to supply you with our software and services.  Following termination of that agreement or persistent non-payment we will make your data available to download from your FTP site for 30 days at which point we will then delete all copies of your data.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have downloaded and verified the data within this 30 day period.

Integration with third parties

Pracctice Limited provides users with integration modules which allows data stored in Osprey Approach to be passed to third parties.  Pracctice Limited has no control over, and takes no responsibility for, the privacy practices or content of these applications and the company who create these applications.  You are responsible for checking the privacy policy of any such applications so that you can be informed of how they will handle personal information.


A ‘cookie’ is a piece of information that allows the server to identify and interact more effectively with your computer. The cookie assists us in identifying what our users find interesting on our website.

When you use Osprey Approach we allocate you a unique identification number (cookie). A cookie will be allocated each time you use Osprey Approach. The cookie does not identify you as a user in our data collection process. It does, however, identify your Internet Server Provider.

You can configure your web browser to restrict cookies but you then may not be able to use all or part of Osprey Approach.

Please view our UK Cookie Policy or EU Cookie Policy for more details.

Updating Our Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement is reviewed and updated from time to time so we recommend you review the information on our website on a regular basis.

Questions about Privacy

If you have any questions or queries in relation to our privacy policy please contact us at