Is now the right time to invest in legal technology?

    Category: Blog, Case Management, Legal Accounting 21st September 2020

    In all that has been written recently about how the legal profession is responding to changing work environments, the bottom line can easily be forgotten.

    2020 has likely both proved your reliance on technology and increased your frustration with its failings. If you have witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly of IT in your practice and others you are probably left wondering whether a tech spend will improve or disrupt your life and your income.

    On reflection, you may not be entirely satisfied with how well your practice was set up to cope. Of course you got through it, but you would have done it differently with hindsight. So, should we tighten our belts and wait, or seek to understand the opportunities and demands of building a profitable practice in a challenging environment?

    Review your tech investments

    Essentially if you don’t do it another law firm will, so ask some things about spending on tech:

    1. Will I get more clients?
    2. Will my clients be more satisfied with the service they get?
    3. Will I spend less time earning more fee income?

    If you accept that an effective case management system is a way of doing profitable business not a cost of doing business the question of when to start is easily answered…

    We of course want your firm to improve efficiency and increase revenue using software. It is how we make our money. We would say that its time to stop thinking about an IT infrastructure and stop being reliant on outdated IT management policies that serve only to support outdated servers and PC’s.

    Direct your spending to a cloud based solution that already knows what device you are using and doesn’t care where you are working but does securely protect what you do.

    With the right software there is an app for that and the only changes you will make in your working routine will be to make things easier and faster.

    Create successful digital foundations with legal tech

    When you have the latest in business management tools, a fully integrated accounting, time management and billing system, a client-facing portal for secure communication, an e-signing facility for confirming client instructions, a website that helps you convert enquiries into paying clients, a workflow that keeps you and your support staff working at optimum speed and your legal forms a mouse click away, you will generate more business and more fee income.

    In a time defined by unpredictability, business intelligence – delivered by the best of modern software tools – is the only protection from the wrong decisions that compromise the future success of your firm and efficient time-saving working methods the only way to achieve both security and growth.

    So if you’re left wondering if or why your current system can’t deliver these essential features its probably time to stop leaving things to chance and find out what is possible. Your case management system should be earning you money and if it’s costing you more than ten percent of what it’s making you, you are with the wrong supplier.

    So we would like you to find out about the Osprey Approach and how it delivers and drives a real return on investment for thousands of lawyers every day.