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worked for three law firms before setting up his own practice in 2013. Wanting control of his own business and believing Edgbaston was a legal desert, Gary set up the firm to help families achieve a happier future.

Why Edgbaston Family Law chose Osprey Approach to run a lean legal practice and deliver quality client service

Edgbaston Family Law has used Osprey since day one, Owner, Gary Banks explains: – “I used Osprey in a previous firm and having used other legal systems prior to that that were clunky and slow, I knew I wanted Osprey to run my firm.

“I need a system that’s flexible and accessible for when I’m away from my desk. It’s very typical in family law that you’re called away or working on the road, so it’s important to be able to access my cases and data.”

Osprey simplifies the complicated for me.

Choosing the right legal software solution for your practice is an important step in running a firm that can deliver quality client care and turn a profit. Gary explains: – “My goal is to have a lean organisation and choosing Osprey as my software package enabled me to cover everything in one platform. I chose Osprey because of its accessibility; if I have internet, I can work. In an extreme example I’ve continued to run my practice from a hospital bed, but in a daily scenario I can stop off at a service station on the way back from court and log into Osprey to send a couple of documents, it’s brilliant!

“I also chose Osprey because it can be customised to what I need, as well the integration options it provides. I utilise the Outlook add-in daily to keep on top of client communications.”

Utilising case management software enhances client service

Clients expect the same levels of service and response time as they receive from Amazon and other big brands, so it’s important that law firms can not only offer quality legal advice but a convenient client experience to stay competitive. Gary believes clients want three things, “fantastic results, in the least amount of time, for a good price, and Osprey enables me to balance those three key areas: quality, efficiency, and value.”

Osprey enables Edgbaston Family Law to be proactive with their communications and ensure availability for clients, whilst also streamlining processes for an efficient service which also benefits clients. “If the recent testimonials are anything to go by, clients are happy with the services I provide and because Osprey enables me to complete tasks quickly and efficiently, I can offer quality service at great value,” Gary adds.

Easily juggle multiple roles and tasks with an all-in-one practice and case management solution

Legal professionals, in any sized law firm, typically juggles many roles, responsibilities, and tasks at once and utilising legal software to automate and digitalise processes help individuals and teams to manage high-pressure workloads.

Clients want three things: fantastic results, in the least amount of time, for a good price, and Osprey enables me to balance those three key areas; quality, efficiency, and value.

Gary explains: “Even though it’s not central to my area of practice, the accounting features in Osprey are probably my favourite because I’m not a bookkeeper but Osprey enables me to be. As someone with no accounting experience beyond what I did at law school, completing the month end reconciliation process in the system is easy, and I think that’s a remarkable feature. I was worried about how I was going to pick up that responsibility and previously considered outsourcing the accounts, but the software has saved me from having to do that.

“Osprey simplifies the complicated for me.”

Running a law firm is easier with the right legal software solution and partner

Simplifying your legal operations can be achieved through digitalising and automating processes. Utilising the right software solution can help you to reach your goals but having the right support and guidance from a technology partner ensures you maximise your investment and long-term success. Gary says the importance of having that support also comes from training provision: “Another great feature of Osprey is the training services. The fact that I always have access to training and support, and I’m not left alone to figure the system out, is hugely reassuring.”

Choosing the right software partner is especially crucial during the migration phase of implementing a new software solution. Often the fear of change is the reason why law firms remain with ineffective systems, but, as Gary advises, change isn’t a bad thing: “Don’t be afraid of change as you could be missing out on a more efficient, easier way of doing things. You’ve got to be ready to change as technology changes, otherwise you’ll be left behind.

“Plan the change and choose a partner, like Osprey, who will guide you thought the process.”

Clients want three things: fantastic results, in the least amount of time, for a good price, and Osprey enables me to balance those three key areas; quality, efficiency, and value.

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