Webinar: Episode 7 – Strategic priorities of SME law firms

Join us and our expert guests as we deep dive into the LPM 2023 Frontiers Report stats to discuss the strategic priorities of SME Law Firms.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Advice for improving the client experience
  • How being data-driven and digital-first impacts long-term success
  • Top habits to adopt to improve profitability
  • How to maximise ROI on software investments
  • Fixed fees vs the billable hour

Discover what you can prioritise at your law firm to help you remain competitive

Episode seven of the Build Better Habits series is out now. Watch the trailer.

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Improve the effectiveness of your law firm with better habits

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Series 1, Ep 7

Strategic priorities for SME law firms: How modern law firms can stay competitive and improve long-term success

On-demand webinar

In our seventh episode of our Build Better Habits webinar series, we’re going to deep dive into the stats and insights of the LPM Frontiers Report. The comprehensive analysis will help us to understand the strategic business plans of SMEs and the impact that’ll have on their habits and processes.

Series 2, Ep 1

Becoming data-driven: How modern law firms can continuously improve with real-time data

On-demand webinar

In the first episode of series two we’ll be exploring the importance of becoming a data-driven firm to optimise operations and improve long-term success. Join us and our expert guests as we share practical advice for getting started and the habits of successful firms.

Series 2, Ep 2

Pricing models: Their role in helping modern law firms build a client-focused brand

On-demand webinar

Meeting client expectations and enhancing the client experience are big topics across the legal sector right now and are often highlighted as the key priority or challenge for practices. In the second episode of series two, we’ll be exploring the importance of pricing models in building a client-focused brand.

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