How to exceed client expectations amid ever increasing demands

Clients have high expectations of the legal services you provide, so it’s vitally important that law firms have the technology and software solutions in place to deliver a seamless, cost-effective, digital experience that removes friction from their clients’ journey.

Your average consumer does not have the qualifications or knowledge to understand the complexities of the legal services you provide. They will not know if you’ve utilised every area of the law to win / progress their case, or whether another lawyer could have done a better job. But they do understand what quality customer service looks like, and that’s how they will value the services you deliver.  

In the case of law firms, and many other professional services, the benchmark for quality customer service is set incredibly high. Every day, your clients experience exceptional service from brands who are pushing the boundaries of what is means to be client-centric. Market-leaders are removing pain points for clients that they had previously learnt to accept and therefore emphasising what it means to go above and beyond for your customer.

What is your law firm competing against?

Instant message online chats that offer immediate support and guidance. Access to transparent pricing, services, and products online so consumers can complete their own research and comparisons. Continuous and real-time progression updates – via text, email, and / or an online account – so they’re kept up to date when purchases have been dispatched, are on route or have been delivered. And it isn’t just online retailers that have drastically improved their services. Online forms, digital documents and e-signatures that avoid the annoyance of printing, scanning, and posting are standard for most insurance companies, banks, building societies and energy providers. This is highlighted further during property transactions. Consumers can research, book, and enquire online, including having virtual tools via the likes of Zoopla and Rightmove, but then typically wait to receive a client care letter in the post to sign and return from their conveyancer.  


Implement a practice and case management solution that enables you to offer digital onboarding, secure client portals, e-signature tools, automated text updates, timely notifications and much more so you can meet – and strive to exceed – the expectations of your clients. Demonstrate to clients that you are providing value by delivering a seamless, simple, and stress-free experience and you’ll receive repeat business, five-star reviews and recommendations in return.