Did your law firm embrace flexible working during the World Cup?

Category: Blog, Case Management 20th June 2018

We here at Osprey Approach believe that flexibility during major tournaments is key to a happy and engaged workforce.

Although we’re out of the World Cup tournament, events like this are a bit of a wake-up call for many firms around the country, as staff put in requests for flexible/remote working.

Our support team has noticed that there have been more enquiries from clients about whether their fee earners can work remotely with minimal disruption to the business: the answer is always a resounding yes!

We’re proud to say that our cloud-based case management software can be used anytime, anywhere – on a phone, tablet or desktop device, with the added benefit of discreet time recording so fee earners capture all chargeable time. As your hosting partner, we take responsibility for managing your database, freeing up your IT team’s time and effort for more productive work.

5 key benefits of the Osprey case management solution

Here’s a reminder of some of the other key benefits of Osprey Approach: –

  • Future proof– As a cloud-based system that you can access anytime and anywhere in the world, Osprey removes the variable of future upgrade costs and ensures the competition doesn’t leave you behind;
  • Data Security– With an installed system your data is at risk of being stolen or lost, however, with Osprey, your servers will be manned by experts 24/7, also saving you unexpected hardware failure costs including time, money and data;
  • Software training– We want all our clients to get the most out of Osprey Approach and we offer one day’s onsite implementation and free training for life. You will also receive full support from our experienced and friendly team whether it is online, by phone, email or via our Osprey Support twitter account;
  • Plan ahead- You can plan ahead and draw up budgets at an early stage, as subscription costs are known in advance and can, therefore, be included in your cash flow throughout a fixed term. Rest assured that you would not be faced with a big price increase at the end of your contract; and,
  • Experience – Osprey Approach has been established for 30 years and created the first cloud-based complete legal system for law firms well over a decade ago. Many of our staff have been with us since we started the business. Osprey currently has about 8,000 individual users and we’re very proud to say that the much of our business is the result of recommendations from our clients.

Osprey is flexible enough to meet the needs of all firms, regardless of size. So, whether you are a sole practitioner or a large multi-national, Osprey’s holistic approach and complete cloud system will suit your needs.

To request a free demo of Osprey Approach please get in touch with our friendly team on 0330 060 4940