Dedicated client ledger for law firms

Easily manage your client accounts with compliant client ledgers

Keep track of all your clients’ financial movements with dedicated client ledgers. Improve your visibility of client funds and ensure compliance with the SRA Accounts Rules with Osprey. The fully integrated, simple to use client accounting software helps connect all departments in a law firm to manage money in, bills paid, disbursements, requisitions, and  more.

Trackable and compliant client accounts

Improved visibility    

Dedicated client ledgers provide improved visibility of clients’ transactions for fee earners, cashiers, and management.

SRA compliant

Easily meet SRA Accounts Rules with compliant legal accounting software that make managing, tracking, and reviewing your clients’ accounts easier.

Efficient accounting processes 

Streamline requisitions, posting, billing, and reconciling client accounts with a full integrated legal accounting solution that improves cashflow.  

Client ledger software features: 

Integrated requisitions & disbursements  

Fee earners and support staff can raise requisitions for the accounts team that has multi-level authorisation. Disbursements are easily tracked and allocated.

Client account warnings

If your client account is going overdrawn or your office account in credit, then accounts teams will receive a warning that requires a password to continue.

Lead Aid posting

Easily link your Legal Aid payments to individual matters using the specific Legal Aid posting type to transfer money.

Bill templates

Easily bill clients for work completed using the bill templates. Accounts can run bills that are saved to matter history to be emailed to clients or securely shared in the client portal.

Interest calculator 

Set up interest rates, bands, and accrual periods within Osprey so you can easily calculate the interest rates due for each client and matter. 

Customisable client ledger

Easily modify your client ledger view with custom column layouts, full debit / credit information visible, and various posting types including payments, receipts, bills, credit notes, cost transfer, disbursements, etc.

Client ledger notes

You can post notes and annotations to your client ledger to provide more details on the movement of funds.

Integrated time recording

To link time recording and client bills fee earner can either attribute time to their requisitions, cashiers can add time as they post, or defer time for support staff to connect at a later date. Postings can be apportioned across fee earners too.

Legal accounting & billing software

To be in control of your finances, law firms need visibility. With Osprey you’ll have 360-degree view of your client and office accounts, with side-by-side client ledger postings and support for as many bank accounts and currencies as you need. Easily manage your business finances, using the nominal ledger for all your practices’ outgoings, invoices and receipts. Utilise a fully integrated SRA compliant solution to make running your law firm easier.

View the client ledger features in action

The Osprey Approach All-in-One Solution

The complete Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, legal accounting, and a secure web portal so you can run an effective and profitable firm.

Discover more features that streamline your legal accounting processes:

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