Legal Matter & File Review Software

Easily complete file reviews and mitigate risk

Stay ahead and up to date with your client matters and ensure file reviews are completed to mitigate risk.  Remain compliant by staying informed on your dormant matters or file review dates using reminders and key dates.

Mitigate risk across your matters with ease

Be in control

Proactively review matters with quick access to upcoming matter and file review dates on the homepage of Osprey.

Stay compliant

Remain compliant by ensuring completed matters are archived and files reviews and completed regularly to reduce errors across your case lifecycle.

Speed up compliance

Utilise file review workflows to ensure checks are completed and you’re mitigating risk across your teams.

Matter & file reviewing features:

Set specific review schedules

Set up specific time periods or key dates to review active dormant matters so nothing is missed.

File review workflow

Assign file reviews as part of a workflow’s task list to complete checks and evidence that you’re minimising risk across your cases.

Templated questionnaire

Utilise our templated file review questionnaire to ensure best practices are followed for a comprehensive file review.

Automatically evidence file reviews

Automatically populate our file review document, using the questionnaires, to evidence the file review was completed and to note any corrective action required.

Homepage dashboard

Matters that need to be checked are displayed directly on the homepage for ease of access when you log in to Osprey.

Colour coded priorities

Matters that are pending review are colour coded on your homepage so you  instantly know which cases to prioritise.

See the matter & file reviewing feature in action

Automate file review processes

Simplify your COLP’s workload but utilising the matter and file review tools in Osprey. Not only can tasks be set by fee earners to review their own matters – perhaps if they go dormant – but file reviews can be carried out using automated workflows. Our templated file review workflow can be customised to meet your firm’s processes, but they help to ensure the correct data and best practices are followed. Data collected then automatically populates our file review document to help you easily evidence your risk management and outline follow-up corrective action.  

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long can review dates be set for?

    Aside from inputting specific numbers of days to review matters, review dates can be set weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually.

  • How else can file reviews benefit a law firm?

    File reviews help to proactively mitigate risk and evidence to the SRA that you’re taking potential risks seriously. Whilst mot mandatory, the SRA expects file reviews to be part of a firm’s case management process as they can identify issues before they become serious.

  • Does reviewing matters help mitigate risk?

    Yes. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) expects law firms to consistently monitor and review clients and matters stored within the system. If any details are updated, is expected for risk assessments to be recorded.

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