Top 5 best case management software features for law firms

Category: Blog, Case Management, Practice Management 31st August 2023

In the recent LPM Frontiers 2023 report, 43% of law firm leaders said their practice and case management software (PCMS) needed improving or replacing. With only half of SMEs happy with their current system, new investment is required if firms want to effectively utilise technology to meet their goals.

Increased efficiencies, time saving, better collaboration, and enhanced client service are some of the firm-wide improvements that case management software can provide practices. But, what are the best case management features law firms need to invest in to maximise their returns?

The best practice and case management software features all law firms should invest in

1. Automate admin tasks with workflows

Speed up time-consuming admin tasks and help standardise processes across your entire firm with automated workflows. Utilising workflow software helps to enable consistency and standardisation across internal operations. The automation speed ups processes for increased efficiency, improves productivity of your teams, and aids compliance.   

A legal workflow combines a set of actions that complete a specific task or process. Automated workflows within case management software helps you to digitalise and automate these actions and tasks so they can be completed quicker and more accurately by multiple individuals and teams. Workflows are one of the top five features because they provide efficiency savings but importantly they help ensure compliance, mitigate risk, and set standards across your practice.

Within Osprey you’ll have access to over 50 configurable workflow templates or you can build your own. Workflow actions include adding key dates, capturing data, sending emails or creating documents. These can be applied to any area of law and help you ensure quality in your processes. Discover more information about Osprey’s automated workflows including how to build your own.

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2. Speed up cases with digital document management

Ensuring your case management solution has comprehensive document production software at its core is crucial for running an effective firm. With thousands of documents being created and shared across teams, it’s important they’re produced, managed, and stored with accuracy.

Digital document management software centralises your files to improve internal collaboration. Easily access all case files at a click of button, no matter if the assigned fee earner is away or you’re searching through archived files.

Document templates can be created and saved to speed up document creation. This can be further automated via workflows and using automatic data population functionality, which avoids mistakes and errors in files and communications.

Additional document management features that offer performance benefits include: creating court bundles, packaging files to send via a secure link and signing documents electronically.

Find out how you can boost productivity across your firm by digitising your document production and storage with Osprey.

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3. Make smarter business decisions with legal reporting software

Becoming a data-driven firm helps leaders better allocate resource, grow their firm, and spot opportunities. Having comprehensive and interactive reporting tools that provide real-time insight makes running a modern law firm easier.

Customisable dashboards and scheduled reports help you keep your finger on the pulse and understand   your firm’s performance at a glance. Without these data-driven insights, it’s almost impossible to successfully implement change, make improvements, or predict outcomes effectively.

With Osprey you can analyse the data you store in the system, but also connect to other data sources and gain a 360-degree view of your performance. The tools help to visualise and extract what you need to monitor team productivity, compliance requirements, financial performance, client satisfaction and more, so your firm can maximise potential. Ensure your case management solution has integrated reporting tools to stay competitive aid long-term success.

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4. Streamline your billing and accounting processes to improve cashflow

Stay on top of your law firm’s finances with software that centralises your office and clients’ accounts in one convenient platform. A connected solution improves data accuracy, streamlines internal processes, and ensures reporting is accurate. When your full accounting system is integrated with your case management system you also benefit from paying for only one platform.  

Integrated with time recording features too, your team are able to record time, raise requisitions, bill clients and get paid quicker with an all-in-one solution.

Osprey offers a solution that takes away the complexity of staying compliant with software tailor-made for law firms. Learn how you can speed up your month-end processes and greatly streamline the accounting and compliance process.

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5. Enhance client collaboration with web portals

Provide a modern and convenient client experience using a client-facing web portal that helps you securely collaborate with clients and third-parties.

Provide clients with the confidence to share sensitive data, upload documents, update case progression and electronically sign documents.  Digitally connect with clients, no matter their location, and provide a service that rewards you with five-star reviews and word of mouth recommendations. Transparent and consistent communication is simple, and doesn’t require additional admin when you’re utilising an integrated web portal.

Discover how the Osprey secure web portal and mobile app can help you enhance your client experience.

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Bonus feature of the best case management software solutions for law firms: Unlimited training and support

Underutilisation of your legal software reduces your ROI and benefit to the firm. Access to unlimited training and support can be the difference between a successful investment, or a costly project. Aside from the powerful functionality within a case management solution, the services your software partner provides should also be a crucial consideration before deciding on the best software for your practice.

Osprey provides law firms with comprehensive and inclusive training and support options to guarantee the case management system is being fully utilised. We provide a suite of online guides, digital training courses and tutorials on all of our features that you can use to learn or refresh yourself on the Osprey features. Our telephone-first support service also ensures you have access to product experts that can help you use the system to your advantage.

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Run your law firm at peak efficiency with effective practice and case management software

When you invest in a case management solution that has the right digital tools and support services, running your firm and staying competitive becomes easier. Through automation, data-driven insights, a strong support network, and client collaboration tools, you can improve your performance and long-term success.

Osprey Approach provides SME law firms with an all-in-one solution and dedicated support and training services, so book a free consultation today with our product experts and discover how Osprey can benefit your firm.