Legal Aid Case Management Software

Osprey Approach helps firms complete both criminal and civil legal aid cases more effectively and efficiently to ensure quality client service. A legal aid case management software that ensures regulatory compliance and a streamlined operation with integrated legal accounting, time recording, document and form production, automated workflows, and reporting.

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Why legal aid lawyers and firms use Osprey

Gain the competitive edge by automating and streamlining processes.

One single platform

From initial enquiry to case completion, you’ll get your work done faster in Osprey’s complete legal aid software solution.

Accurate time management  

Reduce errors and improve the profitability of your firm with fully integrated time recording that ensures accurate billing.

Specialised workflows

Automate tasks and streamline your workload with our pre-built, configurable workflows that are specifically built for various areas of law including family, immigration, and crime.  

A centralised software solution for improved profitability

We know the importance of maximising fee earner time when working on legal aid cases and Osprey provides an integrated, centralised platform to manage your entire cases from initial enquiry to completion. Reduce the manual administration involved in legal aid cases and standardise processes to maximise efficiency all from within Osprey. Importantly, with Osprey, you can accurately record and bill your time against the case using the integrated time recording app which includes the legal aid remuneration rates that are updated in line with the LAA. Improve the quality of your legal services whilst positively impacting your profitability using a single powerful platform.

Practice area specific workflows and apps

Improve productivity and stay hyper-focused on the task at hand using our specialised workflows and apps. Osprey includes practice area specific workflows that are designed to take you through all case activities from file opening to file closing, and everything in between. They are designed by our in-house legal experts to meet the requirements of legal aid criminal, family, immigration, asylum and mental health cases. Plus, the dedicated crime and family apps provide all the features and data you need to complete legal aid cases so you can maximise productivity, from anywhere, on any device.

Easily stay compliant in legal aid cases

Osprey provides compliance features and dedicated workflows that help meet best practices and required criteria for all legal aid cases. The software solution centralises all your compliance tasks and procedures into one fully integrated platform helping to digitise the risk and compliance tasks that are usually managed manually so you can reduce the risk and cost of staying complaint. Osprey provides you with the time management, billing and reporting tools that ensure your up to date and meeting Legal Aid Agency requirements.

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Legal aid software key features:

Access to legal aid forms

Osprey includes a variety of legal aid forms which are included in the practice area specific workflows where necessary and Osprey is integrated with Lexis Smart Forms which gives firms access to over 4,000 forms.

Compliance tools

The solution includes an array of features, functionality, and reports that help you firm meet LAA requirements and guidelines, including many other accreditations and legislations.

Integrated time recording 

Easily keep track of your time with fully integrated time recording that makes billing more accurate and streamlined. Remuneration rates are stored within Osprey and kept up to date in line with the LAA.

Automated workflows

Reduce manual administration and improve the efficiency of your legal aid case management with the Osprey specialised and configurable workflows.

Case bundles

Save hours with the Osprey case bundle feature that automatically paginates, indexes, and bookmarks your case bundle PDF from files selected in the client’s matter history. Perfectly formatted to share to third parties via our secure web portal.

Police Station work

Police station fixed fee rates are stored in Osprey, so you easily record and invoice for police station work.

Digital document production

Auto-populate documents and forms using the data you store in Osprey to speed up the document production processes. Save templates to standardise communications too and add them to our configurable workflows to further streamline your firm.

Crime bulk upload for LAA

Easily generate the monthly bulk upload spreadsheet to submit with the LAA and Osprey enables automatic postings of bills and receipts to the ledger. Forms such as CRM6, CRM7 and CRM 11 can also be created within Osprey.

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“We’ve recommended Osprey for years because of its functionality, its ease of access and the efficiencies you can make by using it.”

Alex Simons, New Business Manager, The Law Factory

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A complete software solution for busy lawyers

Osprey provides law firms with the tools they need to drive long-term efficiencies.

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