Personal injury case management software

Osprey’s cloud-based personal injury case management software can simplify and streamline your daily tasks, enhance client communication and increase profitability. Avoid the complicated and time-consuming tasks that come with PI law by using Osprey’s suite of digital tools to cut costs, track deadlines easier and provide better service to your clients.

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Why personal injury lawyers use Osprey

Gain the competitive edge by automating and streamlining processes.

Increase productivity

Complete tasks at a quicker pace with Osprey’s collection of automated workflows.

A single source of truth

All you client and matter data is stored securely in one centralised platform to improve accuracy and enables full visibility of case and firm performance.

Paperless practice

Make steps towards becoming a paperless firm by utilising Osprey’s digital tools that reduce your overhead costs.

Cloud-based legal software built for personal injury law

Simplify managing your cases with Osprey. Whether you are on the go or at your desktop, Osprey’s suite of digital tools help to streamline ever-increasing workloads and enables processes to run up to 3x faster. Future-proof your firm with a fully integrated cloud case management solution that enables you and your team to get more work done, faster.

Digitally transform your law firm

Case management is made easy with a centralised database of digital documentation. Securely stored and available on any device, you can access client data and documents no matter where you are. Importantly, you can provide a seamless and digital experience for your clients utilising the Osprey client web portal and DocuSign integration to send, sign and collaborate on documents.

Unlimited storage within Osprey means you can securely manage and store all your client and matter data in one centralised location. Reduce your reliance on physical files so you can work more effectively and take the crucial steps to becoming a paper-light firm.

Enhance client communication 

Improve client satisfaction with better communication tools. With Osprey’s secure client web portal, your clients can view instant updates on their matter, electronically sign documents and upload additional files. Plus, you can easily send pre-templated email and text messages as part of a workflow reducing the time it takes to send timely updates, follow-ups, and reminders. Osprey also offers firms their own branded mobile app, so your clients can receive updates no matter where they are.

Providing a client-focused service, with fast and effective communications, helps firms build strong, successful client relationships.

RTA claims portal integration

To help you stay focused and work more efficiently Osprey has developed a dedicated personal injury case management solution that provides you with the tools you need to work smarter. This includes configurable PI workflows and integration with the RTA claims portal. The integration enables you to utilise the data stored in Osprey to pre-populate the forms for the claims portal, saving you hours of manual admin.

Personal injury software key features:

Configurable workflows

Automate and streamline key tasks within a case using the Personal Injuries workflows. Developed to help improve the efficiency and profitability of previously time-consuming processes.

Case bundles 

Save hours of manual admin organising your case bundles for court hearings using the effective case bundles feature. Easily collate relevant documents stored in the matter and create a paginated and correctly formatted PDF without the need for printing and scanning.

Billing reports  

Create detailed and accurate billing reports confidently and accurately. Observe, create and approve bills either on your desktop or on your mobile device. Ensure you’re paid faster and take back control of your firm’s finances.

Key dates

Stay on top of deadlines with ease using key dates in workflows to prompt, remind and mark the next actionable task or deadline. Osprey’s Outlook add-in also enables you to export key dates and calendar entries directly into Outlook.

Integrated time recording

Whether you’re consulting with clients, producing documents or writing emails, your tasks can be recorded in real-time using the time recording stopwatch app. Meet your targets without the hassle and improve your billing accuracy with Osprey.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is personal injury law software?

    Personal injury law software provides you with a digital toolkit enabling you to complete your matters quickly and efficiently by automating your day-to-day tasks using predetermined workflows. Draft claim forms and send your standard letters all at the click of a button with automatic key date tracking you can concentrate on achieving success for your client. With fully integrated legal accounts, billing, time recording and reporting you have a complete platform to run your personal injury cases.

  • How is Osprey suited to personal injury lawyers?

    Ospreys comprehensive solution supports all areas of law including personal injury lawyers. With digital case bundles, online case tracking, time recording, simplified billing, and automated workflows, you can concentrate on winning your case rather than time consuming and repetitive admin tasks. All law firm will benefit from the integrated accounting, automated document and form production, compliance features and specialised workflows that help you run a streamlined and profitable practice.

  • Is Osprey integrated with the RTA portal?

    Osprey integrates with the RTA portal which offers a two-way communication with the portal ensuring that both Osprey and the portal are always up to date.

  • Can I conduct conflict checks for personal injury cases?

    Yes, with our conflict workflows and built-in conflict of interest search functionality, you are able to ensure that your lawyers have completed any necessary conflict checks required. These are recorded on the matter so you can be confident in your data and have clear visibility.

  • What is an automated legal workflow?

    A legal workflow enables a law firm to set up a series of sequential “actions” within a given “task”. For example, a file opening task could include a variety of actions including a questionnaire to input client details followed by a client care letter and a date reminder for the signed client care letter to be returned by the client.

    By mapping out action and tasks into a complete legal workflow you can automate those tasks and standardise your processes across your firm to improve efficiencies, client service and productivity. Workflows also reduce errors, remove manual administration and aid compliance.

    Find out more about the Osprey workflows >

The Osprey Approach all-in-one solution

The complete Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, legal accounting, and streamlined client management – enabling your firm to run a streamlined and profitable operation that exceeds client expectations.

  • Case Management Software

    Improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability with an effective, centralised legal case management software that ensures regulatory compliance and reduces human errors. Osprey is a true end-to-end system that manages the case management lifecycle from initial query to completion.

    Features of our case management solution include: 

    -Automated workflows

    -Document management

    -Legal form creation

    -Time recording


    View the solution in full here.

  • Practice Management Software

    Our powerful, multi-device cloud-based software has helped thousands of lawyers to run a profitable firm and deliver excellent client care. With a comprehensive suite of features built into our software, all areas of your legal practice will be connected and streamlined to maximise success.

    Features of our practice management solution include:


    Reporting & BI

    Third-party portal

    Legal apps

    View the solution in full here.

  • Legal Accounting Software

    Without time-consuming admin tasks, you can speed up the month-end processes and run a streamlined accounts department with ease. Our legal billing software allows you to centralise your accounts into one system, which reduces errors, improves productivity, and provides the visibility you need to drive your firm forward.

    Features of our legal accounting solution include:

    Legal billing

    Core accounting

    Financial reporting

    View the solution in full here.

  • Client Management Software

    Exceed your clients’ expectations and provide a convenient and modern onboarding and case management experience using Osprey Approach. The software helps you to balance driving efficiencies for the firm whilst delivering excellent client care.

    Features of our client management solution include:

    Client onboarding

    Client portal 

    Mobile app

    Enquiry management 

    Legal CRM

    View the solution in full here.

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