Case management software for loan and debt recovery

Effectively manage your loan and debt recovery cases to ensure quality customer service, full compliance, and efficient processes with our case management software. Automated workflows, web portals, and dedicated apps reduce the time spent on manual tasks so you’re free to focus on your client.

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Why debt recovery lawyers use Osprey

Gain the competitive edge by automating and streamlining processes.

Gain better visibility

Gain deeper insights into your firm’s performance with accurate reports that use real-time data. Share information and automate reporting to your clients.

Enhance client communication

Effectively communicate and collaborate with clients using the client-focused tools in Osprey.

Speed up daily tasks

Greatly reduce errors and the cost and time of document production as the data you store in Osprey is auto populated into future collateral.

Streamline operations with case management software

Easily stay compliant, streamline processes, and efficiently manage your workload using the Osprey configurable and automated workflows. Our specialised debt recovery workflows handle data capture, calculations, instalment payments, secure client communication and key date reminders so you don’t need to worry about the admin processes, and you can focus on helping your clients.

Secure client web portal

Avoid sending sensitive data, like copies of invoices or bank details, via email as they can be easily intercepted, putting your client data at risk.

Instead, you can provide a client-focused, secure web portal that enables clients to log in and view, share and send documents and data within the portal to increase security. Provide a convenient and frictionless experience for your customers who can access the portal via any device and easily communicate and collaborate with your firm. 

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Ellis Hass & Co implemented Osprey as their first ‘digital’ step

“One of the best things about Osprey is the reporting system. It’s really useful for managing your day to day time and being able to monitor that to the minute is great.

I can run a report which will tell me how much time I’ve recorded, how much money that is for the firm in real terms, in real time. It’s really rewarding to be able to do that; you can actually see what you’ve achieved for the day for the firm and yourself.”

Greg Bowyer, Associate Solicitor, Ellis Hass & Co

Seamless integrations

To help save you time and simplify the debt recovery process, Osprey is integrated with some of the UK’s leading business tools so you can optimise efficiencies and enhance your client service.


Get forms and documents signed much faster by utilising DocuSign, the world’s leading e-signature tool that is integrated within the Osprey secure web portal.

Lexis Smart Forms

Save time and reduce errors when filling out complex legal forms using the Lexis Smart Forms and Osprey integration, which enables data you store in Osprey to be auto populated into the forms saving hours of your time.

Debt recovery case management key features:

Customisable workflows

Stay compliant and effectively handle your workloads with our specialised debt recovery workflows that reduce the time spent on manual tasks and help to assist your clients at any stage of their case.

Automatic calculations 

When processing the debt payments for your client you can use the multi-record fields to add the invoice numbers and the debt owed and the calculation will be completed automatically, adding interest if applicable.

Debt ledger    

Separate to the client ledger, you can monitor your client’s payments towards their debt with the debt ledger, so you always have visibility.

Reports & dashboards

Monitor your firm’s performance with real-time reports and dashboards. Obtain better insight in your clients, finances, and past performances to drive the future of your firm.

Bulk instructions 

Accept bulk instructions via Excel and upload instantly into Osprey using our Smart Actions or give your clients the ability to instruct you on new matters directly from the secure client web portal.

Data security

You can feel confident that your firm’s and clients’ data is secure when stored in Osprey which is hosted in UK state-of-the-art data centres that are protected, regulated and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is debt recovery legal software?

    Debt recovery legal software lets users manage all types of debt recovery cases, from start to finish, using our case management features that ensures a streamlined and efficient operation. Our CMS offers the following functions: document and form production and storage, a secure client web portal, compliance and reporting features, contact and organisation address book management, time recording and automated workflows. Using the available tools, solicitors practicing in debt recovery can keep on top of managing all clients and matters with ease.

  • Is Osprey specifically built for debt recovery cases?

    Osprey Approach was designed as a software solution for all areas of law, however we have focused workflows and apps designed specifically for debt recovery matters which enable you to focus on and manage your work effectively.

  • Do you integrate with other business tools?

    Osprey integrates with various market-leading business tools and legal software applications that help further enhance your client service, improve efficiencies and ultimately provides a powerful, centralised platform to manage your entire firm.
    For more information on the software suppliers we integrate with, view our integration page here.

  • Is my data secure in Osprey?

    Yes, all data is secure in Osprey. Osprey uses a secure cloud platform to keep sensitive data safe and secure. For more information, visit our data security page.

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