Find addresses to onboard your clients both quickly and accurately. Loqate uses their large database to find addresses and automatically fills out information with just a postcode. When integrated with Osprey, law firms can add their clients’ detail faster, while also avoiding the risk of inputting incorrect information.

Integrate Osprey Approach with Loqate

A faster and easier way to capture and record client, supplier, or third-party addresses when you integrate Osprey with Loqate. Improve accuracy and speed up the client onboarding processes with Loqate’s instant address lookup functionality.

Key benefits

Real-time address inputting

The Loqate integration provides instant address suggestions as you begin to type so you can auto-complete address details in seconds.

Extensive database

Using their UK Address File (UKAF), Loqate’s database stores over 30 million active and accurate UK address to speed up data input.

Improve data accuracy

Loqate auto-populates accurate, up to date address data into the Osprey case management address field after as little as three keystrokes so you can reduce errors during client onboarding.

Speed up client onboarding

Typically a time-consuming and admin heavy process, Osprey helps to speed up the client onboarding processes while reducing errors to ensure law firms mitigate risk and stay compliant. Loqate’s real-time address lookup software makes capturing addresses simple. Just enter the postcode and the suggested UK addresses will appear in the dropdown to select. Utilise the Loqate integration throughout workflows too as you’re completing client or third-party details.

Improve data accuracy

Utilise Loqate’s trusted database to populate UK addresses to ensure accuracy and reduce errors. Avoid copying data wrong from one platform to another, or formatting the address incorrectly when you utilise the Loqate integration in Osprey.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Loqate easy to set up within Osprey?

    Yes, it is. All you have to do is sign up to Loqate by creating a free account and link it to Osprey within your Supervisor settings. We have a set up guide explaining the process in detail to help get your started.

  • How much does the integration cost?

    You will be able to sign up to Loqate for free but will need to add credits to perform each search. There no cost for the integration set up to Osprey.

  • Can I test how Loqate works without using any credits?

    You can test its functionality using this postcode: WR5 3DA. When inputting client information, put this postcode in the appropriate data field and press the magnifying glass next to it. This will then reveal a dropdown menu that displays 3 addresses you can use that won’t spend any of your Loqate credits.

  • Where does Loqate get their data?

    Loqate provides quality data that is cross-referenced and cleansed to ensure up to date information.UK addresses are provided by the UK’s Royal Mail.

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