Osprey Customer 2021 Autumn Software Roadshow

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What to expect from our 2021 Autumn Roadshow

This year’s Autumn Customer Roadshow continues with the theme of Optimising for Success with a particular focus on how firms can ensure they’re focusing on a digital-first strategy to future-proof their practice.

This webinar is packed full of presentations that will help you utilise technology to run a successful firm. View our agenda below, with time stamps, so you can go straight to the presentation that’s of most use to you.

Additional resources

Throughout the webinar, additional resources were mentioned that provide further information on the features, functionality and services of Osprey. Below you’ll find links to previous webinars, contact details and Osprey Academy links to help you gain further guidance and advice on the topics discussed.

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To contact our guest speaker, Laurence Sutton, please email: laurence@brevittssolicitors.co.uk

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