Should law firms choose a cloud-based legal software solution?

Category: Blog, Legal Accounting, Practice Management 4th July 2018

When you install a phone system its primary function is to connect you to others through a worldwide communications system. Whilst you will probably retain your current phone system, for now, the internet and the cloud are the accepted version of our current worldwide communications system. 

The difference is that unlike the worldwide telecoms network the worldwide web includes all the software and functionality previously restricted to your own office server and network.  So why have a system that restricts you to your local server and then asked yourself “why do I have a server?”.

Of course, when it comes to in-house servers and network management, you have “always done it that way” but ask yourself why?  Cost, functionality and security considerations suggest that there is a simpler and better way.

The benefits of cloud-based legal software

Have you ever thought about removing your servers from your network?  It may sound radical but it’s a choice you may want to make when you consider the implications. Of course, you will still be using very powerful servers, but they will be in data centres and with the right suppliers they will be in top tier UK data centres so you know exactly where your data is. The people who provide your cloud-based software services are already using secure servers in secure data centres.  Your own server is a less secure, energy-hungry, duplication. Imagine having no network management, server upgrades, server licencing or support to carry out, no concerns about server location, server cooling and physical security.

The costs* speak for themselves:

Local Servers:

Initial cost per server – £2000 to £5000

Annual licensing per server based on processors or users – £300 to £800

Annual ongoing maintenance per server – £200 to £400

Security – Undefined until you hit a problem

Annual running costs (energy consumption) per server – Circa £1300.00

End of life – 3 to 5 years

Using a Service:

Initial cost per server – £0.00

Annual licensing per server based on processors or users – £0.00

Annual ongoing maintenance per server – Included in service

Security – Included in service

Annual running costs (energy consumption) per server – Included in service

End of Life – Unlimited

And then there’s the case for Wi-Fi…

Even with an in-house server-based system you probably experience some frustration in connecting your laptop, tablet or smartphone to your office network and that alone provides a strong argument for setting up a modern secure Wi-Fi environment. However, if you take out the servers and add Wi-Fi enabled printers you will have something equivalent to your home environment or the hotel you recently stayed in. If you add in secure Wi-Fi routers, a guest client SSID network and an invisible secure office SSID network you will have something far superior. Imagine if all your computers and devices automatically connect to your network whether you are in your office, passing through reception or move to the conference room, plus your clients have a separate guest Wi-Fi network.

Please keep your existing network and Wi-Fi provision if that suits you. Our software will still provide the excellent service you have come to expect wherever you are but consider that what you have in the office should be better then you have at home.  The cost savings are substantial and obvious but are only a small part of the commercial consideration. If you are looking for software excellence delivered professionally give us a call on 03300 604 940.

*Prices are correct at the time of writing.