Why the success of your law firm is down to your business habits

Category: Blog, Client Management, Practice Management 18th May 2022

No matter the quality or style of brand you set out to build, if your brand values are not mirrored by your team’s actions, and experienced by your customers, this may harm your firm’s reputation.

Brands can be created but reputation is earnt, and the two are intrinsically linked because they impact your ability to be competitive. The end goal is to ensure that both your brand and reputation are aligned and reflect one another. This takes time and effort. Building a successful brand is a long-term strategy and one that is affected by all departments, individuals, and moving parts across your business.

Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, said that your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room. Remember that your brand is constantly being assessed. Whether it’s a potential client looking at your online reviews, or an employee seeking feedback for their role, how you respond, follow-up, and interact influences the brand you’re building.

Build more effective business habits for your law firm

Your brand is connected to your firm’s actions, and its success will depend on the quality of the habits your team adopts. Habits are actions that are repeated and become normal behaviour overtime, and what you repeatedly decide to do forms your brand’s personality and business reputation. Building effective business habits, which have a positive impact on your brand, requires the right mindset, a common purpose, and the best tools to create solid foundations for action. Without a purpose, habits don’t stick, so it’s important that the processes and habits you implement connect with your firm’s wider goals and brand purpose.

How your clients do business with you will significantly impact your reputation and will determine if you remain competitive. To offer a convenient and quality service, your employees need the right digital tools to implement effective business habits. Tools that make client communication and onboarding, contract signing, data collection, and case updates easier for everyone.  

Taking the time to invest in your brand will help you achieve your long-term business goals. The most important actions you can take to build a more impactful and quality brand are to review your existing habits to ensure they reflect your core values and purpose; build better or improved upon habits that align with your brand; and implement the right digital foundations and tools to empower your employees to deliver those client-focused habits.