Does your legal software allow your law firm to work in a mobile manner? In today’s competitive legal market, clients demand a highly responsive and effective service, which can only be delivered by lawyers operating in an agile law firm .

After a busy day in meetings or at court the last thing you’ll want to do is go back to the office to access your client files on the case management system.  Thanks to technological advances and the widespread use of smart devices your law firm can be mobile and responsive.

This isn’t just limited to taking telephone calls and sending emails, but also extends to time recording, viewing case files, producing documents and auto-complete forms.

In short, mobile working enables your lawyers to work smarter and better wherever they are.

We know time is money. Being able to work on a phone or tablet means you can work on the go whether it’s to or from work or on the way to meetings. Most smart phones and tablets now have digital dictation which means you can speak into a microphone instead of writing or typing your notes – again, saving you time and money.

In this modern era many people need to be able work to and from meetings and insist on the option of working from home. Being truly mobile means that workers are able to access everything they need via their mobile device, whether by choice or due to emergencies, which again saves your law firm money.

Work anywhere, anytime with Osprey Approach Legal Software – our suite of highly secure apps enables you to time record, update notes and action tasks on your smart phone or tablet whilst away from your desk.

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