The Benefits of Mobile Working for Legal Case Management

Category: Blog, Case Management 19th November 2018

Does your legal software allow your law firm to work in a mobile-friendly manner? In today’s competitive legal market, clients demand a highly responsive and effective service, which can only be delivered by lawyers operating in an agile law firm.

After a busy day in meetings or at court the last thing you’ll want to do is go back to the office to access your client files on the case management system. Thanks to technological advances and the widespread use of smart devices your law firm can be mobile and responsive by providing a mobile work platform.

This isn’t just limited to taking telephone calls and sending emails, but also extends to time recording, viewing case files, producing documents and auto-complete forms.

Access case management software from any location

Having legal software that is available to use across all your devices means that you should be able to access your case management system in a way that suits your needs at any given time. Only then can your system be described as agile in the truest sense

Ensuring that your legal software is available on a mobile work platform enables employees to work on a range of devices, so they can choose one that’s right for them. Whether it be for style or ease of use, we tend to have a preferred brand and/or model of computer, tablet and phone, and your legal software provider shouldn’t dictate what device you use.

The relatively simple move of enabling employees to use the device of their choice can improve productivity. 40% of employees consider it very important to be able to use personal devices at work, which is something that can’t be ignored.

Three benefits of mobile working

1. Work from anywhere

Post-pandemic, many workers need to be able to work both from home and the office. This constant movement from two or more locations means files can no longer be stored locally, and instead must be stored on the cloud. This enables mobile working and means that workers are able to access everything they need via their mobile device, whether by choice or due to emergencies, which can save your law firm money.

2. Mobile multi-tasking

Mobile multi-tasking allows legal professionals to work on two processes at the same time whilst on a mobile device. This is high on the agenda for many law firms, whose fee earners need to be able to time record whilst continuing to work away from the office, or where there are any periods of ‘downtime’. Having access to a range of applications that cover the different processes used in the working day is essential, so choosing a detail software package is a must.

3. Bring your own device to work

One of the greatest strengths of mobile working is how easy it is to have access to a device to work from. Most people have access to their own personal smartphone and by letting them access their work on it you can reduce the barriers to working. This can also cut costs as it means your law firm doesn’t have to provide each employee with a brand-new device.

The advantages of having a ‘bring your own device’ scheme in the workplace are well documented. Among other things, a well thought out BYOD policy can offer: –

  • greater flexibility and increased staff mobility;
  • better efficiency and productivity;
  • greater employee satisfaction;
  • wider choice in device type;
  • reduced device management for business-owned devices

At Osprey Approach, we recognise the need to offer a range of mobile apps, which provide you with access to your firm’s information wherever you take your mobile device. In fact, a new report from Compuware suggests that 85% of consumers prefer to work from a mobile app rather than a web page.

Where can you download mobile law firm case management apps?

Osprey Approach’s Law Firm Case Management apps are available in the Google Play Store and Apple App store:

In short, a mobile work platform enables your lawyers to work smarter and better wherever they are. Most smartphones and tablets now have digital dictation which means you can speak into a microphone instead of writing or typing your notes – again, saving you time and money.

Work anywhere, anytime with Osprey Approach Legal Software – our suite of highly secure apps enables you to time record, update notes and action tasks on your smartphone or tablet whilst away from your desk.