Four best practices to improve employee retention using legal technology

The Law Society recently reported that 35% of law firms do not use even basic legal technology. This begs the question: if there are digitals tools available to help with workload pressures, the client experience, and staying compliant, why aren’t firms utilising them?

Perhaps the lack of tech usage is playing a role in the ongoing challenge of retaining talent because it’s not clear how tech can help individuals, not just the business. NatWest’s 2023 legal report stated that 46% of law firms find that acquiring new staff and retaining their current employees is the number one challenge to overcome.

Digital tools and legal software solutions reduces resource waste for the business, but crucially it reduces workload pressures for employees, helps individuals perform at their best, and deliver quality service to clients. To help you increase employee loyalty at your practice, we’ve highlighted four ways that legal technology can improve employee retention.

Retain law firm talent with legal tech: 4 recommendations practices should consider

1. Provide cloud solutions for convenience and continuity

A cloud case management solution provides a secure and easy way to manage firm-wide data and documents, so hybrid teams can manage cases no matter their location – or their clients’ location. Having a central platform to securely store case and client information ensures accurate and reliable data is accessible across the business.

Improving accessibility of data and files enables firms to offer more flexibility for employees, which provides freedom to work in a way that suits them and increases autonomy – a crucial element of a successful agile team but also a known contributor to retaining talent.

All employees can easily pick up where they left when using a cloud-based software solution. No matter when or where they’re working, data is saved and accessible ensuring continuity across the business. This means a better work life balance for teams and a more efficient and streamlined operation for the business.

2. Make it easier to meet clients’ expectations

Meeting client expectations and building stronger client relationships is made easier with client-focused technology. Digital tools, such as automated communications, client portals, and onboarding tech, enables legal professionals to deliver a quicker and more consistent service without the time-consuming admin, This helps employees exceed client expectations across all their cases helping them secure more five-star reviews and write off less time.

With the right software tools in place, lawyers can spend less time on admin and more time doing what they enjoy – servicing clients and practicing the law. When employees are satisfied in their role and the contribution they’re making to the firm’s success, retention levels improve. Client-focused tech benefits both your clients and employees experience – an inevitable success for the business long-term.

3. Reduce the pressure of staying compliant

The legal industry is more regulated than ever before. Ensuring compliance across all processes heightens the workload pressures for legal professionals. Leaning on legal tech can provide peace of mind and make staying compliant simple.

Automating processes with software features such as workflows, tasks become standardised across the firm. Specific compliance procedures can be implemented within a workflow to ensure consistency and removes the need for employees to remember the required steps so nothing is missed.

Investing in tools that actively support lawyers in meeting compliance requirements and mitigating risk will improve work satisfaction and therefor impact retention.

4. Provide confidence in utilising tech with training

Having confidence using legal software is key to achieving all of the legal tech benefits listed above.

Regular, continuous training not only helps improve confidence in daily tasks but enables employees to upskill and level-up, empowering individuals to perform their best. Software training enables individuals to know how to use the tech to their advantage, increases growth opportunities and provides a long-term progression plan, which improves loyalty to your firm.

Empower employees to perform their best by enhancing their digital skills, so they can maximise their use from your software investments.

Increase employee loyalty by investing in modern legal tech solutions

Implementing legal technology can have a big impact on your team’s satisfaction in their role. The right digital tools help to reduce workload, improves autonomy and empowers teams to exceed client expectations. With improved purpose, reduced stress, and increased flexibility you’ll impact employees loyalty to your firm, helping to improve retention.  

Investing in legal tech can positively impact recruitment too, as innovation and tech utilisation is attractive to upcoming talent across the legal sector.

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