Interest calculator for law firms

Simplify interest calculations

Automatically calculate the interest earned from client accounts directly within the Osprey case management software using the interest calculator feature. Take out the time-consuming work of manually calculating interest earnt on matters and fully customise bands, accrual periods, and rates.

Make calculating interest easier

Save time

Calculate interest on your client matters within Osprey in just a few clicks. This can be done for a single client matter or multiple matters at once.

Improve visibility

Calculated interest is clearly listed in an easy-to-follow chart, along with options to include filters for more specific results.

Guarantee accuracy

Interest is automatically calculated using data already stored in Osprey, ensuring the results are accurate to reduce the chances of a costly errors.

Interest calculator features:

Automatic calculations

Meet the expectations set by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) by automatically calculating any interest due to clients and reducing the potential risk for human error.

No external software required

Interest can be fully calculated within Osprey, without the need for external software.

Bulk calculations for multiple matters

Interest can be individually calculated for a specific client matter or in bulk for all your active matters.

Edit bands

Directly edit bands for interest based on information from your bank to get as accurate calculations as possible.

Set accrual periods and currencies

Set accrual periods on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and choose different currencies.

Detailed reporting

Gain visibility on interest earnt by creating reports and filtering data by work type, specific fee earners, or specific interest limits.

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