Data security at every stage of the lifecycle

You control the users who can log into your system and access information with their username and password.

Osprey also supports two factor authentication, adding an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

When your data is transferred across the internet it uses a technology called SSL, which encrypts it from prying eyes. This is the same technology employed on banking sites and is signified by the lock icon in your browser.

Protection and recovery against disasters

Because everything is stored on the internet, you’re naturally protected from disasters which may occur.

If the worst happens at your place of work, you can continue working anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Our two data centres are based miles apart and mirror eachother in real-time. So, if a disaster ocurred at one, all traffic is automatically routed to the other.

State of the art, UK based data centres

When your information reaches our data centres it is protected by an industry leading firewall.

The data centres themselves are ISO 27001 certified and have highly sophisticated security best practices limiting physical access.

Full CCTV and biometric security precautions ensure your data is safe.

Helping you to remain compliant

Because we are a company based in the UK, with UK data centres, you’re protected from potential cross-border data sharing issues.

You always know where your data is stored and who has access to it.

This can be clearly documented and we will assist you in preparing any documentation you need to accreditations and regulators.

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