Legal file compression software for law firms

Easily send large files for improved collaboration

Simplify sending multiple large files using Osprey’s file compression feature. Pack all your digital case and client files into a single file that can easily be sent to third parties, via email, without maxing the attachment limit.

Combine files into one convenient digital package

Reduce clutter

Combine and compress case files, stored in the Osprey matter history, into one easy folder to send to third parties via email – without the need for third-party software.

Added security

Set time limits to compressed files and avoid sending multiple emails to add an extra layer of security, mitigating risk of sending confidential information.

Streamline your workflow

Packaged files can be created and sent directly within Osprey, using the Microsoft Outlook integration, to streamline your workflow.

File compression features:

Combine files

Pack multiple files and documents together into a single file that can then be opened by the client without needing to download multiple email attachments.

File compression

Stay within the 20MB file attachment limit on emails by packaging your file into a compressed .pdf or .zip file.

Access your matter history

Files you wish to compress and send together can be accessed via the matter history to avoid downloading files and creating a cluttered workspace.

Time limits

Set time limits on compressed files to protect and secure the content.

Reference numbers

Each packaged file has an associated reference number so it’s easy to find within Osprey.

Microsoft Outlook integration

Utilise familiar Outlook email tools without having to leave the Osprey platform, including sending compressed files.

See the file compression feature in action

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the difference between package files and court bundles?

    Package files can be saved as a .zip file or a .pdf file and are used to send large file sizes to any recipient. The court bundles feature is designed to create non-trial bundles that are formatted specifically for family and employment matters. Court bundles are comprised of multiple folders that take documents from the matter history, to collate, bookmark, and organise for court.

  • Can package files be sent through Osprey’s client portal?

    The file compression feature was designed to avoid maxing the email attachment limit. So, if you need to send files over email, to third-parties, we recommend using the compress file tool. However, if you want to securely send documents to your clients, we recommend sharing them in the client portal, and they can be accessed by the client through a secure log in.

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