Employment law case management software

Streamline and simplify the processes of employment law using Osprey Approach. An end-to-end practice and case management solution that centralises data and connects your firms’ departments so you can work more efficiently. Osprey’s digital tools empowers employment lawyers to work more effectively so you’re free to focus on more valuable work that benefits your bottom-line and your clients experience.

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Why employment lawyers use Osprey

Gain the competitive edge by automating and streamlining processes.

Better organisation

All your files can be found with only a few clicks within Osprey’s centralised and streamline solution.

Paper-light practice

Make steps towards becoming a paper-light firm by utilising Osprey’s digital tools that reduce your overhead costs.

Streamline communication

Have a quicker response time and provide your clients with full transparency throughout the duration of the case.

Get more work done, faster

Standardise and speed up the creation of documents and forms -including the ET1, ET3 forms and Schedule of Loss – using Osprey’s automated workflows and market-leading integrations. Produced by legal professionals, for legal professionals, the Osprey workflows assist with streamlining grievance, disciplinary, settlement agreement and tribunal proceedings processes. Reduce manual admin and easily create, edit, store and share client communications without disconnected systems, manual admin or the cost of printing and paper.

Increase efficiencies further by integrating your favourite business tools with Osprey. Access thousands of legal forms with Lexis Smart Forms, communicate effectively with integrated text messaging from Text Anywhere and electronically sign documents using DocuSign.

Optimise your workload

Avoid manually searching through physical files and work smarter with Osprey. Centralise your client and matter data into one digital database so keeping track of cases is simple. Use the powerful global search in Osprey to find the files and information you’re looking for without needing to leave your desk and even whilst you’re on the move. Empower your firm to take control of their workload with tools such as key dates and clear case progression task bars within workflows that help you to stay on top of deadlines and increase productivity. 

Enhance client communication

Provide your clients with full transparency on the progression of a case and securely send and receive files through Osprey’s client portal. Allow clients to upload files, view updates on their matter and sign documents digitally. In conjunction with our automated workflows, send templated email and text message templates to clients for timely updates and reminders that help progress cases quicker. Provide your clients with fast and reliable service which will help build long-lasting client relationships.

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Litigation case management software key features:

Key dates

Stay organised and on top of your tasks and deadlines by utilising key dates within workflows. In combination with the Outlook add-in you can export key dates directly into Outlook so you stay compliant and on top of your workload.

Automated workflows

Efficiently manage your workloads and streamline tasks with our employment law workflows for both employer and employee.

Case bundles 

Save hours of your time and reduce paper and printing costs with the powerful case bundle feature. Easily combine the relevant documents and correctly format them into a PDF file ready to share with clients and third parties in the secure web portal. 

Billing reports

Have full transparency of your firm’s finances with Osprey’s detailed billing reports. Accessible from your desktop or mobile device, you’ll be able to create and approve bills to ensure you’re paid faster and have more control of your firm’s finances. 

Secure client portal

Increase the speed at which your clients receive updates, while also sending and receiving files securely in Osprey’s client web portal.

Form integrations

Integrated with Lexis Smart Forms, you’ll have access to thousands of up-to-date forms that can be auto-populated using the data you store in Osprey enabling you to focus on your client, not administration.

Time Recording 

Ensure bills are accurate and targets are met with Osprey’s integrated time recording app. Automatically record time for any task whether at your desk or on the go using our mobile app.    

Text Anywhere integration

Improve the effectiveness of your client communication and easily send text messages to your clients using the TextAnywhere and Osprey integration.

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“Time savings are important for us and our clients. We use a host of workflows [for our processes] which would otherwise be very time-consuming. There’s a workflow un place for everything so matters can be set up in at least half the time it would normally take.”

James Newnham, Practice & Accounts Manager, Newnham & Jordan Solicitors

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A complete software solution for busy lawyers

Osprey provides law firms with the tools they need to drive long-term efficiencies.

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