Private client case management software

Simplify the tasks within wills, probate and LPAs and manage your client’s estate with ease using Osprey Approach. Spend less time on time-consuming tasks and centralise your processes and data using Osprey’s suite of digital tools that enable you to focus entirely on your client’s needs, not admin tasks.

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Why private client lawyers use Osprey

Gain the competitive edge by automating and streamlining processes.

Streamline form production

Easily collate data, reduce errors, and complete forms quicker with Osprey’s easy to use form creation tools and its trusted integrations.

Simplify billing

Use Osprey to accurately track time and bill clients so you get paid faster.

Automate processes

Automate the time-consuming and repetitive processes to drive efficiencies for your firm.

Work smarter, not harder

Increase productivity and reduce the time spent completing repetitive tasks using Osprey. Standardise your data capture processes and create and store important client documents in a central location so your workload stays organised and you can access them from anywhere at any time. Work smarter with the Osprey workflows that automate time-consuming tasks during wills, probate and LPA matters enabling you to speed up drafting IHT forms, automate estate planning calculations and easily build case bundles. Take back control of your workload with a case management solution that streamlines processes, organises your diary, data and documents and empowers lawyers to be more productive.

Improve client satisfaction

As a private client lawyer, it’s important for you to provide effective and efficient services and communication to your clients, which is why Osprey provides firms with client-focused tools that help you enhance services with ease. Provide your clients with a secure and simple way to keep updated on matters and send and receive documents securely using the Osprey web portal. The portal also integrates seamlessly with DocuSign preventing the hassle of printing for your clients and speeds up case progression. Run a client-centric firm that wins business, builds strong client relationships, and achieves an unrivalled reputation.  

Digitally organise your firm

Never lose track of a file again with Osprey’s centralised, comprehensive document creation and storage solution. Osprey’s private client software helps your produce all the letters, forms and documents you need and store them in a single cloud-based platform. With unlimited storage, Osprey keeps your files organised and with the powerful global search feature you can easily find and stay on top of your documents.

Plus, Osprey can use the data you store to prepopulate forms to avoid re-keying data, it helps you create a digital case bundles without hours of scanning and allows you to store emails, and any other file type, against matters so your workload is always organised.

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Private client case management software key features:

Case bundles

Automatically paginated, indexed, and formatted correctly in a PDF file, you’ll save time and money using the case bundle feature in Osprey.

Customisable workflows

Streamline your tasks and standardise processes by making use of the customisable private client workflows available including specialised wills, LPAs and probate.

Secure client portal 

Speed up the process of sending and receiving files and updates with Osprey’s secure client web portal.

Document production

Auto-populate forms and documents, build a template library and easily store and edit documents to significantly reduce production time and human error. 

Integrated time recording

Record your tasks in real-time with the time recording app. Whether you’re at the office or with clients, ensure you’re accurately billing your hours.

TextAnywhere integration

Keep your clients regularly informed by scheduling timely text messages using the TextAnywhere integration.

Automated calculations 

Osprey’s workflows automatically populate all IHT forms, saving you hours of time.  

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“Osprey is a true cloud-based solution. We would definitely recommend it to other firms due to the flexibility it gives you.”

Nicola Houston, Operations Director, Pavilion Row

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A complete software solution for busy lawyers

Osprey provides law firms with the tools they need to drive long-term efficiencies.

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