Our case management system helps to increase your staff’s efficiency and retain control over the daily management of legal matters.

Osprey Approach offers an effective legal case management system that ensures regulatory compliance, improves your firm’s profitability, and assists in providing excellent client care.

Save 70% on your stationary, printing and postage

Using Osprey’s digital matter history and case management functions to go paper-lite, you will make significant savings.


Increase your efficiency through centralisation

Don’t waste any of your time digging and trying to find the information you need. Law firms can run a lot smoother when everything is in one place and easy to find. Our case management system offers unlimited storage for everything pertinent to the matter: documents, correspondence, contacts, key dates, time entries, financial transactions and more.

We know how important it is to be able to find things quickly, preventing any time-wasting searching for where each individual document is kept. The systems stores everything in one place, so you can be sure that everything will be easy to find, rather than having to search through different files.

Powerful global search

Find what you need, when you need it

It’s quick and simple to search for the right client, matter or even items from a matter history. Everything is just a click away with our software.

Key dates

Never miss a date or deadline

Court dates, SDLT deadlines, appointments, exchanges… keep everybody on the same timeline using the built-in key dates. We know how important it is for lawyers to keep track of everything, and the easiest way to do this is have it all in one place. With our legal case management system, the built-in key dates will keep everything on track.

Streamline your day with Outlook calendar integration, generate them automatically with powerful workflows and even share specific key dates with your clients using the secure web access portal. Along with the time recording feature, you will be able to stay on top of all of your cases and keep track of any billable time.

What I like most about this software is that it is user friendly and easy to train staff on the relevant features of the case management system. If there are any issues the support staff are quick and helpful.

Lorraine R, Capterra

Store any information

Store any type of additional information using custom fields, and even use them to populate fields in documents

Choose how you work

Osprey is a flexible framework; we will customise it so you can manage cases in the specific way you work

Control your processes

You will be able to control how cases are managed and ensure consistency and compliance across the board

Compliant data retention

Set the retention timescale for different documents and consolidate all client data to ensure GDPR compliance

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