Legal software with role-based access control

Ensure the security of your law firm

A practice management system enables your firm to store all your data, documents, and processes in one centralised system. Take steps to protect the sensitive information and control accessibility of data by ensuring users only have access to files and functionality specific to their role. Utilise the Osprey role-based user permissions and controls to protect your data, reduce errors, and stay compliant.

Firm-wide standardisation and control

Protect your data

Data can be stored in Osprey without the worry of it being seen by the wrong people and removes the risk of an internal data breach.

Role standardisation

Standardising processes and rules across the firm helps to reduce risk and streamline operations. Role-based permissions provide peace of mind that you have control over the data employees can view, and processes that teams can edit or change.

Provide client confidence

Client confidentiality is key to any law firm. Through the use of role-based access controls you provide your clients peace of mind that their information is protected and not at risk.

Role-based access key features:

Assign role permissions

When creating new users in Osprey, you can define their role. Each role, a fee earner, accountant, supervisor, etc., will automatically have restrictions and filters on data and will prevent them from making certain changes to the system.

Automatic matter assignments

Matters can be automatically assigned to ensure only those with authorisation can access them. Guarantee that only specific fee earners and supervisors can view the contents.

Customise security groups

Manually set up specific security groups – outside of general rules – to allow multiple people access to data where required.

Hide financial reports

Share reports with only assigned roles and individuals to ensure financial reports, or any other metrics and reports, are kept secure and inaccessible.

Document visibility

Set a document to be either read only, editable, or only accessible to certain roles within the practice.

Restrict functionality

Depending on an employee’s given role, their access across the Osprey system will be restricted, preventing actions such as viewing ledgers or accessing supervisor tools.

Running your law firm just got easier

Gain firm-wide visibility to make smarter data-driven decisions, improve data accuracy to help aid compliance, and maintain a digital foundation to future-proof your firm with Osprey’s legal practice management software. With a comprehensive suite of practice, case, and client management features, connect all areas of your legal practice and streamline processes to achieve maximum success.

See the role-based access functionality in action

The Osprey Approach All-in-One Solution

The complete Osprey Approach solution combines comprehensive case management, powerful practice management, legal accounting, and streamlined client management so you can run an effective and profitable firm.

Discover more features of our legal practice management software:

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