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I don’t think clients realise we’re not in the office as there was no disruption in service at all. The secure web portal means clients don’t have to worry about sending sensitive information electronically, And the focused workflows have helped with productivity.

Kelly, H&F Legal

Very easy and user friendly CMS, which meets all requirements for the day to day running of a law firm.

Mohammad-raza G, Capterra Review

This is when Osprey has come into its own. We are still working and functioning successfully as an office – albeit from home.

Julie, Graystons Solicitors

We have now been able to use electronic forms for our police station attendances thus making progress towards a paper-lite office. The software is easy to navigate and customise to suit our requirements.

Jayne H, Capterra Review

Overall experience is excellent. The software is fast, easy to use and the support team is excellent. The training is very comprehensive and when utilised properly and fully, a firm can benefit greatly from it.

Alex S, Capterra Review

Very intuitive to use and the customer service is fantastic. I can work from home or just about anywhere with Osprey Approach. I cannot recommend it enough.

Steven K

The Windows 10 desktop app has made onboarding our staff very straightforward and people got going immediately. Since going live, any questions we’ve had for the support team have been answered promptly and the help webinars have been extremely useful.

Tracy Daly @ Davies, Blunden and Evans

Quick and easy archiving system – new matters and client numbers are made within minutes. It’s an amazing piece of software.

Capterra Review

The check out system is very reliable and allows for constant review of documentation. The software is aesthetically pleasing and user friendly and I would recommend this software to all colleagues.

Capterra Review

What I like most about this software is that it is user friendly and easy to train staff on the relevant features of the case management system. If there are any issues the support staff are quick and helpful.

Lorraine R

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