Complete tasks 3x faster

Using our pre-built or fully custom Workflows, you will save hours every day.

Osprey customers report saving hours of billable time per matter using Workflows.


True business automation

Many systems claim to have workflows, however, merely ordering documents or sending an email isn’t enough.

True legal workflow automation should provide comprehensive business automation through data collection, document and form generation, critical date management, time recording and multiple communication methods.

All of that powerful automation is available in Osprey, using the data already stored in clients and matters.

Formalise your processes

Ensure consistency and compliance with set rules to run tasks based only on certain criteria. They can be implemented as much or as little as you need within your firm.

Automate basic, everyday tasks

Many tasks are standard for all types of legal matter, such as file opening and closing.

Workflows for these types of tasks can be applied to all matters.

Focused for areas of law

You can also implement certain workflows for different work types, for example, an applied automation workflow process for divorce petitions or property searches.

Create workflows

Customise our focused workflows to your firm’s needs

Our in-house legal experts have developed dozens of built-in, focused workflows for a number of specific areas of law.

Use these as a basis for your own, and customise to meet the needs of your business.

We offer unlimited, all inclusive training courses for using and building your own workflows.

A vast toolkit of available actions

Workflows take advantage of many Osprey features, allowing you to combine actions into a single task and run them together.

Send emails

Send tailored emails to your clients, third parties and staff members

Run property searches

Order property searches using our advanced SearchFlow integration

Update information

Update any fields of data on the client or matter

Send a questionnaire

Request additional information from the client using questionnaires

Send notifications

Send notifications regarding case status changes

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